Aug 29 - Do you think there is anyway that you can serve Me and not disappoint ? I wonder. I walk all over you and punish you for My amusement time to time

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Aug 26 - Ive worn these sneakers everywhere. They are covered in dirty from so much wear. Now clean them slave so I can go about My day. Its all your stupid mouth is good for anyways

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Aug 23 - My perfect and sweaty socks are to be worshiped by every foot slave out there. I expect it done correctly so watch carefully if you ever hope to be under them.

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Aug 20 - Ballbusting and humiliation in Jordans and knee high socks. I am so perfect its painful , literally

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Aug 17 - I own you. you're not much to look at but I do like to use you as My trampoline and step stool when I choose. All you have to do is accept it

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Aug 14 - Boot and sweaty sock worship. Its your lucky day loser. Everything you desire yet a failure to keep Me happy

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