May 28 - Pt. 3 We are not quite done punishing our pervy teacher just yet. No we are making the most of this. Jenna Ross and I spank him with rulers and take control of the class. I think I prefer how he looks with My sneaker in his mouth.

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May 25 - I cant believe what I just walked into . I come back into the class a little bit after school is over to find My teacher completely naked. What the hell. I feel like running out and telling the principle but maybe I can spin this to My advantage

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May 22 - I loo absolutely divine in My sexy tight jeans and My mean leather skull boots. I prop My feet up to have My sexy boots worshiped .I expect them to be licked completely clean as I watch this loser carefully.

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May 19 - I love being a total princess especially when I have the sexy shiny heels to match. I stand on My human carpet and torment him with My pumps. Smooshing his face into the ground and slapping his nipples with My crop. I find it amusing to treat this heel licker like the dog he is.

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May 16 - I have My stupid dog follow Me into the classroom. I know its the weekend and no one will be here. I always wanted to sit at the teachers desk so I do. I relax a bit and let him lick My heels clean

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May 13 - This pervy teacher thinks that he can just get away with being naked in front of Me. I have a surprise for him. I bring in My friend Jenna Ross as we lay down some discipline of our own. I doubt I'll have anymore assignments after today hehe

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