Mar 5 - These sneakers are so filthy , I mean just gross. I wore them driving over here and I wore them yesterday walking around with friends , I have been wearing these sneakers for the last 3 yrs just about everywhere . It just make sense that I stop by to have them cleaned up. I have My slave girl make time in her day to lick them clean and worship them as I finish up My emails and ignore her services .

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Mar 2 - The only issue with having female slaves is their constant need to be walked. I treat My newest slave girl to her first walk around the business complex and as I lead her back into the room I have her thank Me and clean My heels

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Feb 27 - Miss Tiffany is in her cheerleading outfit as She has Her topless slave girl worship Her feet from underneath the chair.

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Feb 24 - I love watching My hungry for feet slave girls attempt to impress Me by swallowing My entire foot and sucking all MY perfect little toes

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Feb 21 - Look at the mess you got yourself into you little slut. Being punished again and strapped to My shoe. Maybe now you will learn to only open that big mouth of yours when Im shoving My foot in it

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Feb 18 - Time to time I like to get My frustrations out by face slapping My slaves. I love the way it sounds when My hand meets their face and how much it relieves stress from the day.

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I am a 19 year old teenage dominatrix Miss Tiffany and I like to satisfy my exhibitionist side by recording my play sessions with my slaves.


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Sybil is so pathetic, she is offering to clean people's shoes using only her tongue for 25c. Of course she had to work a bit harder than usual on my knee high boots. In the end she just wasn't fast enough for my liking so not only that I didn't pay her, but I took all the money she made so far as well.

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Caroline is so amusing, telling me all about how beautiful I am, while I am using her head as a footstool while puting on my make up. Then she has to suck on my toes and I shove my foot deep into her throat making her gag. It is so much fun tormeting my little slaves, especially the ones who worship me the most.

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I love bringing my friends over and showing off some of my slaves. It must be so humiliating to be led out on a leash in front of a complete stranger who happens to be a beautiful girl, looking at you with a mixture of pity and amusement. In this case my friend Ashley looks slightly bemused when I take Matt out and make him suck her toes, but pretty soon she gets used to it and bosses him around as much as I do as we play a game of pool.

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